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Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is a quick and effective way to improve your smile. There are many products and kits for home teeth whitening available on the market at affordable prices, from stickers to brushable products to kits with trays. However, these products may require months of regular use before they give visible results and may even have harmful side effects.

Home tooth whitening kits have undergone many improvements over the years and are very similar to what a dentist would use. It should be noted, however, that the concentration of the active ingredient used is lower than in your dentist’s products.

Also, although some products on the market seem to work well, not all of them are effective, often too weak to whiten teeth or too strong, which can wear away tooth enamel. And because they are not personalized for each patient, they can also irritate the gums.

However, the solution your dentist uses is much more concentrated and adapted to your teeth. You are therefore assured of getting a brighter smile, in the healthiest way possible for your teeth. And whether you choose to receive your treatment in our clinic or at home, you will benefit from a service adapted to your needs.

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